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Young People’s Guild/Junior Youth

The Young People’s Guild ministers to our youth aged 18-30, guiding them to remember their creator in their youthful days (Ecclesiastes 11:2-10), and nurturing them to direct their strength to the worship of God. Capacity building is consciously done among this group. Their activities include Bible study, prayer, symposiums on issues such as career guidance, preparation for marriage, peer pressure, etc.


The aims of the YPG are as follow:

  1. To promote the spiritual, moral and social welfare of the Youth of the United Ghanaian Community Church, so that they may realize their potential within the community and appreciate their tremendous responsibility as future leaders of the church and the community.
  2. To develop the devotional life of its members
  3. To promote the study of the Bible and the teachings of the Presbyterian Church.
  4. To encourage the Youth to take a full measure of responsibility in the Church and in the nation as a whole.
  5. To promote the interchange of ideas and fellowship with other Youth groups in other churches and para-church organization both within the USA and elsewhere.
  • Motto: “To know His will and to do it”